The ringed planet : Cassini's voyage of discovery at Saturn

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Descrizione: The ringed planet : Cassini's voyage of discovery at Saturn / Joshua Colwell. - San Rafael, CA : Morgan & Claypool, 2017. - xi, [130] p. : ill. ; 26 cm
Note: In September 2017, the Cassini spacecraft will point itself toward the surface of Saturn and end its 13-year mission of solving many of the mysteries of the ringed planet's system with a crash. This book is a dramatic, beautifully illustrated journey of discovery through the Saturn system. Cassini's instruments have revealed never seen before details including the only extraterrestrial lakes known in the solar system and have provided unprecedented views of the rings. It is a non-technical book for everyone who loves astronomy. - La paginazione presenta le seguenti sequenze: xi, 1.1.-1.6, 2.1-2.8, 3.1-3.10, 4.1-4-.31, 5.1-5.37, 6.1-6.16, 7.1-7-17, 8.1-8.5
Collezione: [Fa parte di] IOP Concise Physics [Vai al dettaglio]
Numeri: EAN: 9781681744971
Colwell, Joshua -  [Responsabilità principale]
Space exploration
Paese pubblicazione: Stati Uniti
Lingua: Inglese
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